I find clay to be a seductive material due to its malleability and its ability to be used to make virtually any form, whether sculptural or functional.  I am constantly challenging myself to push this material further, an ongoing exploration to create more visually stimulating work.

         Consistent themes in my art are color, pattern, texture, and a sense of whimsy.  Surface is extremely important to me.  I draw influences from the natural world, studying flora and fauna which have unusual forms and surfaces.  I draw inspiration from their patterns and color combinations.  In my research and investigations I also am continuously inspired by the “more is more” style of Baroque and Rococo architecture and art objects and the sense of awe one feels when overly stimulated by intricacies. 

          I express these themes and influences through both functional and sculptural work, sometimes combining both forms in the same object.  My utilitarian functional work provides an excellent canvas to display carved patterns and shapes, which express a personal narrative.  My sculptural work combines carved surface texture and relief.